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Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Sweet Truth Gourmet Candy!  I have been listening when you say you need more candy  … I am thrilled to tell you that you can now SHOP ONLINE !

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Just love your Cappuccino nut toffee! I live on Vancouver Island and make an annual sojourn to Vancouver to meet up with a friend for our Circle Craft rendezvous. Yours is the first booth number I look for in their catalogue of vendors. Bought your extraordinary toffee every year you were there.  Miss you. My family will too once they realize their sweet treat is missing from their Christmas stocking.  Come back soon!


How can I order your delicious candy? I hope you are still in business because I have never had such delicious toffee in my life.


Dear Diane,

I don’t often send emails or “testimonials” but I just had to let you know that I am in LOVE with your toffee.  I am a Canadian who has been living in New Zealand for the past 7 years.

The confectionary in New Zealand is fabulous and the tastes just lovely….but I didn’t know what amazing was until I had your toffee!

My mum just arrived for a visit and my sister sent along  your beautiful toffee.

The flavours just melted in my mouth and I think I actually felt weak in the knees.  My husband is a work and I am trying really hard to save a piece of toffee for him, but can’t make any promises.

Congratulations on your success and your beautiful product – If you ever feel like sending a parcel to N.Z. I’ll happily receive it!

I wish you continued success and happpiness.

New Zealand

A friend’s sister brought some of the Sweet Lemon Butter Toffee to New York City and the taste has ruined me for any other toffee!

I am willing to order enough tins to make worth your while, I wouldn’t want to run out!  Alas your website doesn’t have shipping option so I thought I’d write to you directly:)

What do you say?:)

New York

– Joining the chorus-

OKAY – you’ve got my vote – I have to say that Sweet Truth Candy has outperformed my previous favourite by a mile.  I like the Sweet Lemon Butter Toffee and the Swiss White Chocolate and the Dark Chocolate is sensational!

I am a convert — but WHERE can I get it???  I am not a store, do you do individual orders?  I live in Vancouver.  Is there anywhere here that stocks your candy?  Please let me know.


Well Diane, now that you’ve shared your Sweet Truths with us and have us hooked we don’t know how to get more of those delicious treats.  We picked up the Sweet Licorice Almond Butter Toffee at the Circle Craft Show in Vancouver and they were gone in no time (and they were supposed to be for Christmas gifts).

Do you have any way of satisfying our cravings?


Hi Diane,

My name is Lindsay and I am a teacher in Toronto, Ontario.  I received a tin of your Almond Butter Toffee with a Ginger Twist as a holiday gift from one of my students.  I suspect she picked it up at the One Of A Kind Show in Toronto.  I’ve been sharing the with my teaching partner and we are admittedly somewhat addicted.  We love Them!

We are now rationing them in order to savour them for as long as possible.

I am writing to find out if there is anywhere in Ontario that carries these lovely treats?  If not can I order online?

Looking forward to hearing back,


My wonderful sister gave me some Lemon Butter Toffee for Christmas and I am addicted!  I have been rationing myself as I am  not sure where to get more.

I live in Ontario near Kingston.  Do you know of any gourmet stores that carry your stuff?

Kingston Ontario

At my company’s Christmas party, your delicious Sweet Truth Swiss White Chocolate Toffee, Cashews and Cranberries tins were distributed to everyone.

I had never heard of this chocolate treat before.  When I tasted it, I almost fell off my chair! Wow! The best treat ever!

I would like to order White Chocolate toffee Cashews and Cranberries.  I would also like to try out the Sweet Lemon Butter Toffee and the Almond Butter Toffee and the Toffee with the Ginger Twist.

I can’t wait to hear from you and have a wonderful day!


I would love to order more of your AMAZING CANDY! Is there anyway to do this? Thanks very much!


Hi, my family and I love your candy and are especially happy to have a product with no additives or preservatives. We were wondering if it is possible to buy more Swiss white chocolate, cranberries and cashews. It became our all time favourite treat!

Our best wishes for the new year and continued success in the creation of Sweet Truth Gourmet Candy.


I was given a tin of this candy as a gift from my Canadian in-laws and would LOVE to get more! Do you ship to States?

Thank you,

Hi Diane,
Our Rep from Life Touch just gave us a tin of your candy. Very Delicious! Where can an ordinary person buy some or is it just available to companies?


After standing at your booth with my mother-in-law tasting 4 of your flavours I walked away with 2. The Butter almond Toffee and the Cappuccino Chocolate. All I have to say is “WOW” I don’t like candy, especially chocolate very much at all. I’ve been a chip person for all these years..until now. Anyway, your products are absolutely wonderful and I can’t say enough about them – walking back to the fridge to sneak another piece.

Niagara on the Lake, Ontario

A friend of mine just came back from the One of A KInd Show in Toronto and got some of your products. I Love it! I’m going to get a friend to buy more for me in Ottawa (Originals Show) of the Butter Toffee and the White Chocolate.


Hi Diane, Can I order candy? How do I do it? I can’t get enough…plus perfect gift for my mother!



Hi Diane, I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season. I recently had your products at the One of A Kind Show in Toronto. I brought home several of the tins for my husband to enjoy and he has asked me to PLEASE get more! I realize that you likely do not ship to Bermuda (where we live) but I do have family in Toronto. Could you ship to them? Looking forward to more of your delicious products.

Kind Regards,

I am writing to request how to order your candy. My husband just came across your candy at the convention centre Christmas Craft Show (Circle Craft) in Vancouver. Considering he is the PICKIEST man for sweets (you really can’t get him to eat many things) he absolutely fell in love with your Choclolate! We did contact you to get a shipment sent for Christmas, but sadly it was too late for the amount of 150 containers. We will be sure to contact you in advance this year for the same request.

Thank you very much,


I hosted a small dinner party last weekend and one of my guests brought a small hostess gift…which turned out to be a tin of Sweet Truth Tanzanian Dark Chocolate. Being completely delighted by this “marvellous taste sensation” I am needing to find more. Christmas is coming and I see stockings filled with Sweet Truths!

Best Regards,


Hi Diane,
I purchased a tin of your Cappuccino Choclate at the Vancouver Craft Show, It’s so delicious! I’d like to purchase more and wondered if you have mail ordering as I don’t know anywhere in Vancouver to buy your products.



Hi Diane, Hope you had a good holiday season. We met at the One of a Kind Show in Nov. I’m an avid fan of your Dark Chocolate Candy! Despite buying a number of cans I’m out of my supply! Where can I get more in T.O.?

Best Wishes,