Swiss White Chocolate, Toffee, Cashews and Cranberries


Available in 90g tin.



sketch-white-chocolateDelicious almond butter toffee, virgin cranberries, and cashews in an avalanche of creamy Swiss white chocolate.

This gorgeously decadent confection is full of delightful surprises in texture and flavour. Buried in smooth and creamy Swiss white chocolate you will uncover the light crunch of almond butter toffee, the nutty richness of roasted cashews, and the unexpected burst of tart cranberries.

Sweet Pairings
Compliment this sweet delicacy by pairing it with a Canadian Swiss cheese. The similar characteristics of these two indulgences may not be self evident, however they share the same palate range. The rich, nutty, sweet and chewy elements of both are elevated in this out of the ordinary pairing.

Summer comes with hot, beautiful weather! However, chocolate does not fair well under these conditions, especially when shipping. To ensure you receive only the highest quality confections when ordering from Sweet Truth, we do not ship chocolate during these peak summer months. Please cheek back in the fall!

…and all of our toffees are still available! Thank you!