Tanzanian Dark Chocolate, Almond Butter Toffee and Cashews


Available in 90g tin.



Tanzanian Dark Chocolate, Almond Butter Toffee and CashewsA mystical earthy fusion of 75% dark Tanzanian chocolate, cashews and our almond butter toffee.

The depth of this rich, earthy, single origin, 75% dark chocolate is perfectly accentuated by the rich Madagascar bourbon vanilla notes and light crunch of our almond butter toffee. The delicate flavours of roasted cashews contrast and prolong this brilliant chocolate composition.

Sweet Pairings
Are you overdue for something new? Looking for a pairing that delights and surprises? Combine the long finish of this big chocolate with a sip of your favourite locally brewed porter or stout. Although dark chocolate typically does not like to share palate space with other non-sweet strong or bitter flavours, this is not the case when it comes to a porter or stout beer. These congruent flavours enhance the best in each other. Wrap these two together for the ultimate hip gift for the foodie on your list.

Summer comes with hot, beautiful weather! However, chocolate does not fair well under these conditions, especially when shipping. To ensure you receive only the highest quality confections when ordering from Sweet Truth, we do not ship chocolate during these peak summer months. Please cheek back in the fall!

…and all of our toffees are still available! Thank you!