Cappuccino Chocolate, Toffee and Pecans


Available in 90g tin.



Cappuccino Chocolate, Toffee and PecansA magical melange of our almond butter toffee and roasted pecans in a luscious velvet cappuccino chocolate

Your palate will dance as the flavours in this sweet treat slowly reveal themselves one at a time! This multilayered taste experience opens with creamy milk chocolate followed closely by notes of sweet vanilla in the almond butter toffee, roasted pecans then set the palate for a subtle, but lingering coffee finale.

Sweet Pairings
It is commonly recommended to match gouda with coffee, chocolate or nuts. Our Cappuccino Chocolate, Toffee and Pecans delivers all three distinct flavours in one, which pairs exceptionally well with the fruity, nutty, caramel notes, and dense smooth texture of a firm goat gouda cheese.


Summer comes with hot, beautiful weather! However, chocolate does not fair well under these conditions, especially when shipping. To ensure you receive only the highest quality confections when ordering from Sweet Truth, we do not ship chocolate during these peak summer months. Please cheek back in the fall!

…and all of our toffees are still available! Thank you!