Our Story


“The genteel art of candy making
may well be classed among the fine arts for
it is an accomplishment of which anyone may be proud”
— Ellye Howell Glover, 1913

I first learned the art of candy making from my grandmother. A mother of nine children, Grandma Damey sold her delectable variety of unique creamies and fudgies to Eaton’s and The Hudson’s Bay Company stores in the 1920s and 30s.

While I grew up cooking candies and making pastries with my grandmother and mother, the love for cooking would take some time to translate into a passion that went beyond my own kitchen.

Diane CookingMany years past knee high to my matriarchs, I became a professional social worker and had a son of my own. Drawing from my roots, I began to make my now-famous almond butter toffee as a special treat for my son who was unable to eat commercially processed candy due to several common allergies. My traditional recipe, using whole natural ingredients without artificial preservatives or additives, soon became a hit with my friends and colleagues. Each of them raved about how much they loved the light crunch and smooth meltdown of buttery almond flavours that made my toffee so uniquely irresistible.

I often stayed up late into the night cooking. As a single mom, with the help of my little boy, we became weekend and holiday regulars at local markets. It wasn’t long before the popularity of my gourmet candy spread to markets and craft shows all across Canada. All through the development of Sweet Truth Candy, my son, Lee has been a great help.  Now that he has finished university he has joined me in making our dream of turning Sweet Truth Candy into a full-time family enterprise a reality.

Sweet Truth Canadian Gourmet Candy Co is an embodiment of my traditional roots and my own personal values. All Sweet Truth confections continue to be made from the finest all natural ingredients, without artificial preservatives, in the traditional way – completely by hand in small batches – just as I  learned from my grandmother.

The response to Sweet Truth Candy has been amazing. In 2002, our Original Almond Butter Toffee received the “Best New Gourmet Food” award from the Vancouver gift show. And, in 2003, won the Western Regional Grand Prix New product award from the Canadian Council of Grocery Distributors. It was a finalist in the National Best New Candy/Snack competition with the CCGD.

Since its conception, Sweet Truth Candy has garnered a “cult like” following of discerning confectionary gourmands, that continues to grow with time.