Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions…

Q. Do you ship?

A. Absolutely! Please allow us up to 4 days upon receipt of your order to ship. Because our candy is made with premium all natural ingredients and contains no preservatives we make each order at the time it is received. Making your candy to order may take a few days. We ship Monday through Wednesday.

For orders outside the continental Canada and US, please contact us directly to arrange shipping and have your candy delivered to your door.

Q. What is the best way to store Sweet Truth Candy?

A. Because Sweet Truth Candy is all natural, we recommend keeping your candy cold. No moisture will penetrate the candy as it is sealed in a moisture proof bag inside the tin. To maximize the taste experience and texture that Sweet Truth Candy is known for, please note the best before date. Bring your candy to room temperature before opening to avoid condensation… and more importantly to fully appreciate the texture and subtlety of the flavours. The one exception to this rule applies to the Almond Butter Toffee with a Ginger Twist, which we think is best experienced when served chilled.

Q.What kind of ingredients do you use?

A. At Sweet Truth Candy we keep it pure and simple. We begin by finding and using only the very best, all natural ingredients. Our toffees are made with fresh butter from our local Manitoba Notre Dame Creamery. Our freshly ground spices, nuts, fruit, natural oils, pure vanilla and sugar are the very best all natural ingredients available. We use only the highest quality of chocolate (including single origin, 75% dark chocolate). What we do not use are any hydrogentated oils, corn syrup, glucose, preservatives or additives.

Q. What is your Allergy information?

A. All of our confections are gluten free. We do not make any products containing gluten in our commercial kitchen.

We use almonds, cashews and pecans in our kitchen. Although we do not have any peanuts or other nuts in our facility it is impossible to guarantee that our nuts have not come into contact with peanuts or other nuts before reaching us.

Any other questions? Please drop us a line and we will happily assist you.